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Church Life: Part 3

Church life is not limited by the physical walls of a building.  After all, the church is not a building, but the Body of Christ which is composed of all who have accepted Jesus as Savior.  We are faced with the challenge of impacting a society and culture that is growing more distant from God.  However, God equips His church with power and gifts that enable them to become a conduit of His living water that can quench the longing of our souls.  

Caution Tape

Pastor Shane explains that we need to get the caution tape out of our lives when it comes to following Jesus.  When we come to church, there should be an expectation to encounter the living God. We need to keep watch that we do not present our children with a culture, rather than an opportunity to meet with the Lord.

Church Life: Part 2

In this installment, Pastor Shane explains the importance of being fully immersed in Christ.  As the church, we are also supposed to be fully immersed into one another.  The cross is the great equalizer that brings us together despite our differences.  Church life is messy, and as individual members of His body (the Church) we might not always agree, but we are all connected to the head, which is Jesus Christ.  There is little doubt that we function better together than apart.

Church Life: Part 1

Pastor Shane Nichols explains the importance of relying on the Holy Spirit throughout our daily lives. Every church is composed of imperfect people and that causes conflict and strife.  God would have us to view these difficulties as an opportunity to see Christ formed in each of us.

Abide in Christ

Pastor Shane Nichols presents us with the question, "Will you allow Christ to change you?"  A life lived in intimacy with God is bound to cause changes in our lives.

Character Study on the Life of David

Pastor Shane Nichols points to the life of David to outline the qualities that God would like to develop in His people.  We can certainly learn a lot when we compare and contrast David and Saul's understanding of God as their Shepherd.

Learning from the Life of Jacob

Pastor Shane Nichols in this sermon uses the life of Jacob to demonstrate that God does indeed transform lives.   As Pastor Shane points out, ,"our reward is not Heaven, but it is Jesus Christ. "   There is nothing in this world that can compare with this reward, yet we struggle to live the way we are called because of our battle with the flesh.

Worship Jesus

What is worship?  What does it look, sound, and feel like?  Why should I worship? Does what we do in secret bring worship to God?  Worship is a matter of the heart!  In this teaching, Sister Gloria Wallace and Rev. Jodi Kashuba discuss these questions and many more concerning worship.

Narrow is the Gate that Leads to Life


Pastor Shane reminds us in this sermon that entering the narrow gate that leads to eternal life requires that we love like God loves. Although we are saved by grace through faith, Jesus would have us love all people with that same sacrificial love that He so graciously bestows upon all. As we walk out our faith in Jesus’s atoning sacrifice, we become more and more like Him. It must be remembered that love is a choice, not just an emotion.

Freedom from Sin

Pastor Tim Williams in this sermon expresses that freedom from sin is possible through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  We no longer need to be slaves to sin, but can be free to serve God.  

Built on the Rock

You have a choice.  You can build your house on the sure foundation of Jesus Christ's Lordship and be grounded through having an intimate relationship, or you can continue to build a life that is like a sandcastle that will surely get demolished by the next wave.  Pastor Shane in this powerful message explains that making Jesus Lord of your life is not just the result of a prayer, but is the product of a loving obedience throughout a life lived in surrender to Jesus our Lord.

Don't Be a Pew Warmer!

Pastor Shane Nichols reminds us that Jesus has chosen to empower us with the Holy Spirit in order that we can serve Him. We must not become comfortable in the pew, but must be “More than Conquerors” as we continue about following God’s plan for our lives sharing the Gospel everywhere we go. It must not be forgotten that all Christians were once enemies of the cross, but because of God’s grace we are now forgiven. Come to church to get equipped and then go out and serve!

Who is Leading You

Pastor Shane Nichols challenges us to examine the “common sense” worldly wisdom that we have acquired through philosophy, psychology, and our current cultural context.  Just as Israel sought a King to be like “all of the other nations”, it is possible that we too may miss an opportunity to have the only true King lead us because of preconceived ideas that are driving us away from God’s purpose and plans.   

Rivers of Living Water

Rivers of Living Water by Pastor Shane Nichols

This challenging word takes us alongside the women at the well as she comes face to face with Jesus. The words that Jesus speaks to her are just as applicable to us today as they were when originally spoken.  Jesus desires to give us this living water, which is the Holy Spirit, not just for our own benefit, but it is meant to effect all that come into contact with us as the Holy Spirit flows through us.

God's Gift: The Holy Spirit

Sunday, May 20, 2018

God has good gifts for His children.. Listen to this sermon by Pastor Shane Nichols as he begins to explain what the life of a Christian can be like.

The Necessity of Knowing the Holy Spirit

 This sermon by Pastor Shane Nichols expresses the importance of having a relationship with the Holy Spirit.  If we are to live a victorious life, we need to be immersed with His presence! 

Learning from the Life of Elijah

This is our entire service for the week of 3/18/18.

Worship Leader: Jodi Kashuba

Learning from the Life of Elijah

This sermon by Pastor Tim Williams surveys the life of Elijah up to his showdown with the Prophets of Baal.  There is a lot we can learn through Elijah's journey.  Indeed, there is only one God.  Just as the sacrifice of Elijah to God was consumed by fire, so must we be a living sacrifice consumed with the fire of the Holy Spirit.


Does the Lord Send Fiery Serpents? (Sunday, 3/11/18)

Then the LORD sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people, so that many people of Israel died.

-- Numbers 21:6

Although this verse will not probably be found among your most favorite in the Bible, it is certainly there for a reason.  Pastor Shane Nichols uses this passage and its context to demonstrate how God   disciplines us in order to lead us to repentance.  God's correction is always tempered with mercy and is intended to draw us back into a relationship with Him.