Who is Leading You

Pastor Shane Nichols challenges us to examine the “common sense” worldly wisdom that we have acquired through philosophy, psychology, and our current cultural context.  Just as Israel sought a King to be like “all of the other nations”, it is possible that we too may miss an opportunity to have the only true King lead us because of preconceived ideas that are driving us away from God’s purpose and plans.   

Rivers of Living Water

Rivers of Living Water by Pastor Shane Nichols

This challenging word takes us alongside the women at the well as she comes face to face with Jesus. The words that Jesus speaks to her are just as applicable to us today as they were when originally spoken.  Jesus desires to give us this living water, which is the Holy Spirit, not just for our own benefit, but it is meant to effect all that come into contact with us as the Holy Spirit flows through us.

God's Gift: The Holy Spirit

Sunday, May 20, 2018

God has good gifts for His children.. Listen to this sermon by Pastor Shane Nichols as he begins to explain what the life of a Christian can be like.

The Necessity of Knowing the Holy Spirit

 This sermon by Pastor Shane Nichols expresses the importance of having a relationship with the Holy Spirit.  If we are to live a victorious life, we need to be immersed with His presence! 

Learning from the Life of Elijah

This is our entire service for the week of 3/18/18.

Worship Leader: Jodi Kashuba

Learning from the Life of Elijah

This sermon by Pastor Tim Williams surveys the life of Elijah up to his showdown with the Prophets of Baal.  There is a lot we can learn through Elijah's journey.  Indeed, there is only one God.  Just as the sacrifice of Elijah to God was consumed by fire, so must we be a living sacrifice consumed with the fire of the Holy Spirit.


Does the Lord Send Fiery Serpents? (Sunday, 3/11/18)

Then the LORD sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people, so that many people of Israel died.

-- Numbers 21:6

Although this verse will not probably be found among your most favorite in the Bible, it is certainly there for a reason.  Pastor Shane Nichols uses this passage and its context to demonstrate how God   disciplines us in order to lead us to repentance.  God's correction is always tempered with mercy and is intended to draw us back into a relationship with Him. 

One in Christ (Sunday 3/4/18)

Before Jesus went to the cross, He prayed that those who came to believe through the words of the apostles would be one as He and the Father are one.  We must endeavor to keep the unity within our individual churches as well as within the entire church, which is the Body of Christ.

Message: Pastor Shane Nichols

Worship Leader: Jodi Kashuba

Faith Filled Risk (Sunday 2/25/18)

Biblical risks are God centered. When asked to take a God centered, Faith filled risk, you may not know the details concerning what is going to happen, but you can be sure, (due to the character, love, and omniscience of God) that your obedience will bring about God’s purpose. Although you may not get to see the results in your life time, God is sure to be faithful. Pastor Shane Nichols in this sermon, looks at the life of Abraham to drive home this last core value of The Alliance.

Empowered (Sunday 2/18/18)

Pastor Shane Nichols continues our series on the “Core Values of The Alliance” with this message entitled, “Empowered”.  We can do nothing without the empowerment of the Holy Spirit! Pastor Shane explains in very practical terms how the person of the Holy Spirit gives Christians spiritual gifts that are meant to build up the body of Christ ,which is the church. The Holy Spirit gives us life, strength, wisdom, and all that we need to live lives that give God glory.

Worship Leader: Jodi Kashhuba

Do You Love Me? (Sunday 2/11/18)

An exploration of three of the different types of love. (Eros, Philia, and Agape)...  

Rev. Jodi Kashuba's explanation of these types of love may just cause you to reflect on the depth of God's love for you.  It may also help you grow in your love for God as well as enable you to better reflect His love to all you encounter.

Worship Leader: Gloria Wallace

The Great Commission (Sunday 2/4/18)

This message expresses the imperative nature of the Great Commission while reinforcing the fact that God Himself will empower us to complete our mission.  Although we sometimes fail to take the Holy Spirit’s direction to share the Gospel, we can trust in God to overcome our failures.  This is a grace filled message, but be sure that it does not pull punches.  Remember, God has given us this eternity impacting responsibility!

Worship Leader: Jodi Kashuba

Waypoints (Sun PM 1/28/18)

Brother Jim Kashuba takes us through the development of Paul at different waypoints in his ministry.  As the discussion moves forward, it is impossible to not be impacted with a renewed sense of the importance of spending time alone with God.

Worship Leader: Jodi Kashuba

Knowing and obeying God’s Word

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Knowing and obeying God’s Word is fundamental to all true success. In fact, it is in God's word where we find what it means to be successful.  Pastor Tim Williams discusses the relationship between loving and obeying God. Are you willing to obey when it might cost you your life?  Is the Bible a rule book. or a love letter?  Obedience out of necessity is not what God desires, but each decision we make should be an expression of our love.

Worship Leader: Gloria Wallace

Stewardship: Everything we have belongs to God.

Sunday, January, 21, 2018

When the topic of stewardship is mentioned, usually the first thing that comes to mind is finances.  It is true that money is a component, but it is far from being all of what it means to be a good steward. Pastor Shane Nichols reminds us that we are to give of our Strength, Time, and Possessions.  God is not just looking for obedience, but is calling us to be cheerful givers.  After all, everything we think we possess is only on loan. 

Worship Leader: Jodi Kashuba 

Sunday Evening 1/14/18 Guest Speaker: Mark Waters

What a Difference a Tree Makes

Sunday Evening Service

Worship Leader: Jodi Kashuba

Message: Mark Waters

Prayer is the Primary Work of God’s People

Sunday Service 1/14/18 


The importance of prayer cannot be understated. Pastor Shane continues his sermon series on the Core Values of the Alliance with this impactful sermon on the importance of Prayer. Prayer brings us closer to God, changes mindsets, breaks bondages, brings healing, and is necessary if we want to be in relationship with our King.

Worship Leader: Jodi Kashuba 

Lost People Matter Part 2

Sunday, January 7, 2018


We are called to be salt and light. Pastor Shane Nichols in this first message of a series on the Core Values of The Alliance drives home the principle that the lost matter. The Gospel is a simple message with an immense and eternal impact. As Christians, we are called to proclaim its truth at every God given opportunity. It is time to stop treating this life like waiting at a train station with a prepaid ticket to heaven, and be about the Father’s business.

Lost People Matter Part 1

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Worship Leader: Gloria Wallace

Message: Pastor Shane Nichols

Part 1 (Separated due to Camera Issue)

When Traditions Become Idols

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Worship Leader: Jodi Kashuba

Message: Pastor Shane Nichols

Christmas Cantata 2017: Good News, Great Joy

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Directed by Debbie Shaffer