Due to the current crisis concerning COVID-19, we cannot meet in person for our services at this time. However, we will be streaming our services via Facebook Live Sundays at 10:30am. 

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Ministry Empowered by the Holy Spirit

A Copious Outpouring Beyond Conversion

"Every Christian can have a copious outpouring of the Holy Spirit in a measure far beyond that received at conversion, and I might also say, far beyond that enjoyed by the rank and file of orthodox believers today," - A.W. Tozer

Wrong Teaching Has Robbed Millions of a Victorious Christian Life

" I believe that the greatest blow the Devil ever gave the Church was when he got the ministers to teaching that all men are baptized with the Holy Spirit at the time of regeneration - or that receiving Christ is synonymous with receiving His successor, the Holy Spirit. The tragic absence of clear Scriptural teaching on this point has robbed millions of Christian of a joyful, attractive, useful, and victorious Christian life... It has been the defeat of thousands of churches... It has kept them from finding their place in the body of Christ." - F.F. Bosworth, Alliance Publishing House

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